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Software development

We provide all of our clients with highly personalized attention and customer service. We do not outsource our development work. All of our production is done in-house, allowing us to produce and promote the highest levels of quality.
Our skilled software engineers are ready for any challange. Our projects include full software engineering lifecycle -- discovery, design, development, testing, implementation, maintenance and continued client support once the project is complete and deployed.
We can offer our clients a wide variety of project solutions, from desktop to internet, from big screen bilboards to the smallest mobile phones.

WPF consulting, training and development service

  • How to cleanly separate behavior, UI design, and resources using XAML
  • How to incorporate designers into your development process
  • What are the new features in WPF
  • How to use subtle special effects and animations to liven up applications
  • How to take advantage of themes, styles, and control templates